Unveiling Norway’s Viking Past: An Excursion Through Time

Aerial shot of a reconstructed Viking village with longhouses amidst green fields.

There’s no denying that the Viking Age holds a magnetic pull for many history enthusiasts. From about AD 800 to 1050, these seafaring warriors and traders from Scandinavia left a profound impact on the world. For a journey through time, there’s no better place than Norway to trace their history.

In the Footsteps of Vikings

Inside view of a Viking museum.

My journey began at the Vikingskipshuset, or the Viking Ship Museum, in Oslo. The three Viking ships on display, all excavated from royal burial mounds in the Oslo fjord region, are the best-preserved in the world.

A short drive from the city is Avaldsnes, one of Norway’s oldest royal seats. The Nordvegen History Centre and the Viking Farm provide insights into the Viking rulers and their seafaring ways. The reconstructed longhouses and the authentic atmosphere provide a vivid picture of Viking life.

Reconstructed longhouses at Avaldsnes.

Borg in Lofoten: A Gateway to the Viking World

Located in the majestic Lofoten Islands, the Lofotr Viking Museum is a unique window into the Viking world. The museum’s main attraction is a full-sized reconstruction of the largest Viking longhouse ever found.

Exterior of the Lofotr Viking Museum.

The Viking Market of Gudvangen

For a complete immersion in Viking culture, I headed to Gudvangen, a small village in the heart of Norway’s fjord country. The annual Viking market here is an experience not to be missed. Craftsmen, musicians, and even warriors bring the Viking age to life in the most colourful way.

Scene from the Gudvangen Viking Market.


Norway offers a unique perspective into the Viking age, a period that shaped the culture and identity of Scandinavia. With its world-class museums, historical sites, and immersive experiences, Norway is a treasure trove for anyone interested in Viking history.

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